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Smile Makeover at Peter Gambertoglio, DDS

smileA beautiful, youthful and captivating smile exudes confidence. It’s one of the best accessories you can have. If your smile isn’t as picture-perfect as you’d like it to be our smile design service can give you a stunning smile that you’ll be happy to show off.

We Craft Customized Smiles

If your teeth are chipped, worn down from grinding, misaligned or discolored, then you could benefit from smile makeover. If you have a look in mind, let Dr. Gambertoglio know. Perhaps you want to replicate the smile you had when you were younger, or maybe you’d like to copy the smile of a particular celebrity. We’ll help you achieve a customized, not cookie-cutter, smile that will help you feel great about yourself!

What You Can Expect

The consultation

Dr. Gambertoglio will meet with you to discuss what it is you don’t like about your smile. Next, he’ll take an impression of your teeth so we can create the custom temporaries that you will wear.

The first appointment

We’ll create the preparations necessary to give you the smile that you asked for. Dr. Gambertoglio will work with skilled local technicians to fabricate a “try in” that allows you to preview what your smile makeover will look and feel like regarding color and shape. If we’re doing stains less than eight shades, we match it to your existing teeth. For example, if you have a central incisor that’s broken, we can match it to another central incisor effectively. The process is very efficient as the lab we use is located nearby.

These temporary restorations ensure that your permanent treatments are exactly what you have in mind. From there, we take a new impression to plan out the preparation and placement of your permanent crowns, veneers, etc.

The second appointment

When you return for your subsequent appointment, you will try on the final restorations. If there are some shade differences still apparent, Dr. Gambertoglio will ensure that the local laboratory will correct them with staining. We never want a crown to look like a crown; instead, it should have the appearance of a tooth.

The technician will remove the restorations from your mouth, stain them and put them back in. Once you are entirely satisfied with the appearance and give us your approval, the lab will glaze the restorations and send them back to Dr. Gambertoglio, and he will put them in that same day.

A Patient Success Story

A man in his 40s had lost two teeth, and the central incisor had drifted right into the center of his mouth. He felt inadequate about his smile. After we corrected it, however, he enjoyed an attractive smile for the first time in his life. He appreciated the tremendous difference that smile design made in his life.

Financing Available

We want to help patients enjoy a beautiful smile that fits their budget. That’s why we offer convenient financing options, including CareCredit.

Let Us take care of you

Contact our Spring practice today to book a consultation!

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