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Should You Wait to Treat a Cavity?

woman with hurting toothA question we often hear from our patients is, “My cavity doesn’t hurt. Do I really need to get a filling right away?” Or, “I know you said I have an abscess, but I can’t tell. Is it okay to get it treated later?”

Though it’s tempting to associate pain as the signal that something needs to be done, it’s usually a sign that it’s much later than you realize in the development of your oral health concern.

Consider the case of a cavity. This decay in the tooth, if left unfilled, can invade the nerve of your tooth root. Likely, you’ll require a root canal, which is far costlier than a filling and takes up more of your time to complete. In the worst case, you would need an extraction, and the resulting gap in your smile can be expensive to fill.

Protecting Your Smile

Imagine hearing an out-of-the-ordinary noise from your car. Though you can still drive it as usual, at some point, that noise will turn into a serious issue. You’ll probably spend a substantial amount at the mechanic’s and wish you’d gotten the car into the shop sooner.

Your teeth, gums and jaws are a biological mechanical system that must also run smoothly with the proper attention so that it doesn’t break down. When an oral health problem is still relatively small, the solution is going to be the simplest and least expensive that it can be. In the longer term, you’ll save money and your time by having it promptly addressed by the professional, experienced team at the office of Peter Gambertoglio, DDS.

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