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Sedation Dentistry Spring TX

woman smilingAt the office of Peter Gambertoglio, DDS, you’ll find that your dental care is personalized to your needs and goals. If you’re not certain what you want out of your visits with us, we’ll help you clarify that, too. We enjoy knowing that our patients have the greatest confidence in our skills and expertise. We keep their best interest and comfort in mind at all times.

Comfortable Dental Care

Many of our patients have spoken with us about having dental anxiety in the past. If you’re afraid of pain or had a past dental experience that left you dreading your checkups, we understand and are prepared to help you. Dr. Gambertoglio will walk you through exactly what you can expect so that you can feel confident in beginning your care. If you like to be distracted for injections, we’ll be happy to do so and have many techniques to help you feel better about your visit.

If you need further help, an ideal solution for you might be sedation dentistry, which we provide for nervous patients.

Making Your Dental Visits Easy

Our sedation option involves taking a pill the night before your dental visit so that you can sleep well. The next day, you’ll take another an hour before you arrive. It allows you to feel mellow and relaxed, breaking the cycle of anxiety that makes you feel tense and thinks your dental care will be painful. You’ll need someone to drive you to your appointment and back, with the effects wearing off in about 3-4 hours.

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Sedation dentistry Spring is safe and can help you get through your dental appointments even if you’ve felt fearful about them before. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with our gentle, caring team!

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