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Orthodontics in Spring

Are you concerned with the health and appearance of your child’s smile? Spring families like yours can trust our cosmetic and family dentist Dr. Gambertoglio for affordable, comprehensive orthodontic care. His extensive training in orthopedic dentistry allows us to better serve the unique needs of you or your child’s needs conveniently.

Early Intervention Can Set Things Right

Little girl holding pano xrayIs your child between the ages of 7-10? This critical developmental stage plays a significant role in future biting patterns and jaw relationships. If things aren’t quite right, Dr. G can provide interceptive or expansive orthopedic techniques that ensure teeth can be aligned properly a few years down the road, after the oral anatomy is forming as it should.

What to Expect

At your child’s first appointment, Dr. G will order appropriate X-rays (including a profile cephalometric film) to fully analyze the way the mouth, jaw and skull relate to one another. Younger children may need to go through a period of orthodontic expansion if necessary.

Once it’s time to put braces on, we will usually affix the brackets and wires on the top teeth, then wait a few months before installing them on the lower teeth. Doing so provides better comfort during the initial period of adjustment.

It’s vital that you play a role in the treatment as well. Orthodontic therapy is something we do together. That means wearing rubber bands or other aids that assist in moving the teeth between appointments. The better you or your child adhere to home care, the more predictable the results will tend to be. Most cases are completed within about 18 months.

What About Braces for Adults?

We offer those too. If you’re looking for an alternative to Invisalign®, conventional braces are ideal to address concerns like an orthodontic relapse or preparing for your smile makeover. Short term braces are also available for cosmetic reasons. Dr. G is happy to discuss your priorities to help you determine the most appropriate plan of action.

An Affordable Investment

A straighter smile is less likely to suffer from diseases such as periodontitis and tooth decay. We work closely with your insurance carrier to maximize benefits and any out-of-pocket costs. Affordable monthly financing is also available to all patients.

Contact us today to schedule an orthodontic evaluation for your child or yourself. New patients are always welcome.

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