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Dental Implants in Spring

Do you have missing teeth? Our Spring family dentist Dr. Gambertoglio offers start to finish dental implant therapy right here in our practice.

What Are Implants?

Dr. G explaining implants to male patient.An implant is like a little screw that goes into your bone. The body osseointegrates with it; that is, new bone is formed that fuses around and through the artificial root, completely securing it in the mouth.

On top of an implant, we place a small post (abutment) and then a tooth (crown) over it. As such, they’re a preferred alternative to traditional dental bridges. Some of the many benefits include

  • Noninvasive to adjacent teeth
  • An option that does not come in and out of the mouth
  • Predictable results that can last an entire lifetime

Not only are implants capable of replacing single missing teeth; they can also support longer fixed bridges to restore multiple teeth at one time or in complex reconstruction cases where implant supported All-on-4® dentures are involved.

Your Treatment Experience

Implant therapy requires a few phases of treatments over the course of about six months. Initially, the implant will be placed in the area of the missing tooth. As the bone integrates with the implant — a process that takes around three months — you will wear a temporary prosthesis that can be removed.

After the bone is integrated into the implant, we will remove the temporary prosthesis and permanently load the new crown or bridge.

Treatment Success and Ongoing Care

Maintaining your results is easy. Brush and floss daily, treating your implant like a real tooth. A well cared for prosthesis has a 97% success rate, making it much more predictable than any other type of restorative treatment.

All materials are extremely biocompatible, making implants naturally accepted by the surrounding structures and your body as a whole.

Implants are an excellent option for anyone with missing teeth or old, failing dental bridges. Contact us today to find out if they’re right for you!

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