Professional Teeth Whitening Is the Quickest Way to Look Years Younger

Are your dingy teeth showing your age? Yellowed or stained teeth may make you seem older than your years. If you want to look

Over the years, your teeth pick up stains and discoloration. Some foods and beverages, like coffee, tea, blueberries, as well as habits like smoking tobacco, can accelerate the yellowing process. However, a certain amount of yellowing naturally comes with age.

You might not think of teeth whitening treatment when you look around for anti-aging options, but you should take a second look! Whitening your teeth can leave you looking years younger, without complicated treatments or any need for recovery time. To explore your teeth whitening options and start 2020 with a bright grin, contact Peter Gambertoglio, DDS of Spring, Texas, this January.


Why do your teeth get more yellow as you age? In addition to staining agents like tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco use, your genetics may also play a part. Over time, the outer layers of your tooth enamel wear away, exposing yellow tones and leaving your teeth looking dingy and discolored. By restoring your smile to a more youthful whiteness, you can reverse some of the most visible signs of your aging.

Flexible options

If your teeth have begun looking yellowed because of your age or habits, you don't need to be embarrassed. Dr. Gambertoglio offers a range of teeth whitening services to match your unique health care needs. With many years of experience in cosmetic and family dentistry, he can recommend the right treatment for you.

Some of the options for teeth whitening we offer at Dr. Gambertoglio's office include:

When you come into the office for a Zoom! treatment, we apply a special hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, and then activate it with an LED light. The gel rapidly breaks up surface-level stains on your teeth. We finish the treatment with a fluoride rinse to protect your tooth enamel from further deterioration. The whole treatment only takes about half an hour.

Safe treatment

Although whitening products may be available for purchase over-the-counter, following a doctor's recommendation will give you the best results and protect you from possible side effects. Depending on your degree of dental yellowing or discoloration, you may need multiple treatments to see best results. Take-home kits can also be helpful for periodic touch-ups to keep your teeth stain-free and bright.

To learn more about your options for teeth whitening treatment and get started with the whitening process, contact Dr. Gambertoglio today. You can schedule your initial consultation appointment today by calling our Spring, Texas, office, or by using the online booking tool.


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