Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

Teeth can lose their luster for numerous reasons, and it can still happen when you have impeccable oral hygiene habits. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to have a mouth full of dull, discolored, or yellow teeth.

Peter Gambertoglio, DDS, offers cosmetic and comprehensive family dental services in Spring, Texas. With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Gambertoglio can get to the bottom of your tooth discoloration and recommend the best treatments to restore your pearly whites.

What’s to blame for tooth discoloration

When you have yellow teeth, it’s important to understand what’s causing the problem. That’s because not all tooth discoloration responds to the same treatments. 

In many cases, teeth become dull or discolored because of stains developing on the surface of the tooth. This common problem stems from daily habits, like: 

These extrinsic stains often respond positively to a thorough professional cleaning or whitening treatment.

However, tooth discoloration can also occur because of trauma to the mouth and certain medications, leading to intrinsic stains. Your teeth can even become more yellow with age as your enamel thins. As this white, outermost layer grows thinner, the yellowish dentin beneath it becomes more visible. 

Dr. Gambertoglio often recommends other cosmetic solutions, like veneers, when you have intrinsic discoloration.

Restoring your teeth with professional whitening

Dr. Gambertoglio offers in-office and take-home teeth whitening options. These Zoom!® treatments use professional-grade bleaching formulas to safely break up stubborn stains on the surface of your teeth.

When you choose an in-office Zoom! treatment, Dr. Gambertoglio can brighten your smile up to eight shades in less than 45 minutes. With the take-home system, you can get equally dramatic results. However, you need to wear your whitening trays for 30 minutes a day and for up to two weeks.

To maintain your new smile, Dr. Gambertoglio usually recommends using an at-home kit for touch-ups.

Transforming your smile with veneers

If you have tooth discoloration that doesn’t respond to professional whitening, Dr. Gambertoglio can conceal it with veneers. This versatile cosmetic solution can address numerous dental issues, from intrinsic discoloration to chips, cracks, and oddly shaped or gapped teeth. 

A veneer is a super-thin porcelain shell that Dr. Gambertoglio bonds to the surface of your tooth. Whether you have one problem tooth or several, they can completely transform your smile while looking exactly like natural teeth.

Like in-office Zoom! treatments, veneers also offer immediate results. During your first appointment, Dr. Gambertoglio takes digital X-rays and molds to create models of your mouth. Together, you select the ideal color and shape of your veneers. Then, you leave with custom-made temporary veneers on your teeth while your permanent ones get produced.

Dr. Gambertoglio uses a custom dental laboratory nearby to fabricate your permanent veneers. This facility specializes in professionally enhancing the color of your veneers, making them virtually identical to natural teeth.

During your second appointment, Dr. Gambertoglio makes final adjustments to the fit and shape of your permanent veneer before bonding it in place.

You don’t have to live with a yellow or discolored smile; Dr. Gambertoglio has solutions. Contact our office in Spring, Texas, to schedule a consultation by calling 281-350-8852 today.

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