5 Smile Flaws That Easily Corrected With Veneers

There is a reason why dentists love veneers. These thin, tooth-like shells can work magic when it comes to fixing numerous imperfections or dental issues. Plus, veneers come in a wide range of colors, so you can match your existing teeth or enhance them all. 

When you get a veneer, Dr. Peter Gambertoglio simply removes a tiny amount of enamel from the problem tooth before bonding the custom-made shell in place. This versatile approach makes it easy to comfortably and naturally correct a single tooth or your entire smile at one time.

If you’re in the Spring, Texas, area, here are five common dental flaws Dr. Gambertoglio can easily correct with veneers.

1. Discoloration and staining

Nothing ruins a smile like dull or yellow teeth. While professional teeth whitening can offer exceptional results in many cases, it doesn’t work for all forms of discoloration -— especially intrinsic staining inside of your tooth. Fortunately, veneers can easily brighten and whiten any tooth, even if staining occurs because of a root canal or other internal issues.

2. Gapped, uneven, or misaligned teeth

Plagued by uneven, irregular, or gapped teeth? You may not need straightening solutions that take months, like braces or Invisalign®. Not only can Dr. Gambertoglio instantly conceal oddly shaped teeth with custom-made veneers, but he can also hide irregular spacing and gaps at the same time.

3. “Gummy” smiles

Do you feel like your gums are a bigger problem than your teeth? Veneers can still help. In these situations, Dr. Gambertoglio uses custom-made veneers to lengthen and correct the shape of your teeth, which eliminates gummy smiles by creating a more proportioned look.

4. Breaks, chips, and cracks

It’s easy to think that veneers are mainly a cosmetic solution, but they can also address oral health issues at the same time. Yes, breaking, cracking, or chipping a tooth can ruin your smile. However, this damage also leaves a tooth vulnerable to decay. In some cases, veneers can offer a great alternative to other options, like dental crowns, by repairing breaks and reducing your risk of tooth decay.

5. Damaged enamel

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your dental enamel, but it plays a vital role protecting your teeth from damage and decay. Unfortunately, it can also wear down over time from stomach acid, overzealous brushing, or highly acidic drinks or foods. If you have lost enamel, Dr. Gambertoglio can add an extra layer of protection to your teeth with veneers.

To see how veneers can easily correct your smile flaws, contact us by calling 716-265-6422 today.

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