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Implant Reconstruction in Spring

Complete Implant Therapy at Peter Gambertoglio, DDS

Dental implants are an effective way to improve your smile by permanently replacing your missing teeth. With implants, we can take someone whose smile isn’t functioning and make it feel natural and beautiful all over again!

Who Is an Ideal Dental Implant Reconstruction Candidate?

Implants are perfect for anyone who is missing teeth. We can replace one, two, or three teeth or an entire mouth full of teeth at one time.

Each implant uses biological engineering to anchor a titanium root into the jaw. This artificial root is extremely strong, and as few as four implants can support a full-mouth denture.

Spring Implant Reconstruction

Dental Implant Reconstruction

Your Implant Placement

Dr. G partners with an on-site implant surgeon to offer comprehensive Spring dental implant reconstruction and placement right here in our facility. Implants can be completed in as little as one appointment, thanks to our initial placement process.

Sedation is available to all patients, allowing you to experience ultimate comfort throughout the entire procedure. We use a prescription oral sedation, so there is no need for needles or IV medication.

A Comfortable, Quick Recovery

Most of our patients will need the rest of the day to recover due to the anesthetic. A mild soreness may be present for a few days, but many people return to work the next day or so following their procedure.

Are you nervous? Don’t worry — we have sedation! It is very common for people to be nervous about going to the dental office. We understand this and work very hard to help you feel as relaxed as possible throughout the entire process.

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Dental Implant Reconstruction | Spring and The Woodlands