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About Us

Dr. Peter Gambertoglio and his team have been providing Spring with healthy smiles since 1988. Our facility is located on an acre of land, with treatment room windows facing the relaxing, natural scenery of Spring.

Building Lasting Relationships

Our team is casual and friendly, but don’t be fooled … we take dental care seriously. Each one of us cares deeply about our patients and what is best for them. That means always telling the truth, doing the right thing and valuing other people.

Quality, Restorative Dental Care

We will not rush through your care or force you to do something that you don’t want to do. Instead, Dr. G approaches your smile with a holistic viewpoint that promotes what is healthiest for your entire smile in the years to come.

Always Looking Forward

Understanding how dental care or specific tooth needs affect the future of your smile is important. Removing or fixing one tooth today may not make sense five or 10 years from now. Dr. G’s holistic approach to complete oral health will take normal dental changes into account when it comes to the future of your family’s smiles.

Whether your dental concerns are cosmetic or budgetary, we can help. Our caring environment reflects the excellence that we have in store for the services we provide.

Contact our office at to book your first appointment with us.

About Peter Gambertoglio, DDS | (281) 350-8852